Proverbs 10:22

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Today God is First
by Os Hillman
Jan 18, 2012


“LORD, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you
have made my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in
pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance”

There is absolutely no place for competitiveness in ministry or
marketplace activity if you understand God’s view of receiving.
The Scripture tells us that we are not only to bless our
competition, but we are also called to bless our enemies.

The reason we can do this is because our security and provision
is not based on posturing ourselves against another, but
fulfilling what God has called us to do. When we take a proactive
step to bless another, we actually apply a Kingdom principle that
results in greater blessing to others, the Kingdom of God and even
to ourselves.

Our ministry tries to help other ministries like ours. Some
would say that we are in danger of losing “market share”
or even our donors. This is the worldly model of competition.
Those who cannot bless others are insecure in their own calling
and insecure in God’s ability to provide for their own enterprise.

God has already allocated His portion for you before the
foundation of the world. You cannot out-give God. As you do your
work unto Him God allows you to receive the fruit of your work.

“If you fully obey the LORD your God and
carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the LORD your
God will set you high above all the nations on earth. All these
blessings will come upon you and accompany you if you obey the
LORD your God: You will be blessed in the city and blessed in the
country. . . The LORD will grant that the enemies who rise up
against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you
from one direction but flee from you in seven. The LORD will send
a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hand to.
The LORD your God will bless you in the land he is giving you”
(Deut 28:1-8).

Life is to be a lived vertically before the Lord, not
horizontally. When we worry about the activities of others, we
acknowledge our lack of faith in the One who called us.




This is Goddie, your Wealth Building Partner.
A couple of years ago, I began to search for another stream of income to supplement my income as a minister. I wanted an opportunity that will complement my ministry job and help me touch the lives of people in a positive way. I wanted an opportunity that I could use my training as a pharmacist to help people. But I also wanted an opportunity that will make me huge amount of money-enough to do ministry/missionary work around the world and finally retire on.
I researched, joined, worked and labored on so many MLM and Network Marketing businesses and saw all of them collapse before my eyes. In my frustrations, I joined several autosurf, Cyclers, HYIPs, MLM and finally Loan programs and saw all of them fail. When people talk about losing money online, I ask them how much they lost? People indeed lose money online daily, but others like us have lost fortunes! The difference between failures and successful people in any endeavor is that successful people are willing do to what failures/unsuccessful fear and hate to do. Successful people are willing to take risk, learn from past mistakes and work hard on what they believe in. These were the attributes that helped me succeed online.
I never really succeeded online untill I found Trivita. I can say this now because most of the other opportunities I counted on, all failed within a year and my Trivita Business has kept growing daily.
I started Integrity Wealth Builder Group in January 2008, shortly after I joined Trivita, because I wanted to help people Build Wealth Online instead of running after fly-by-the-night programs. But it still shocks me how so many won’t see or understand what I have been trying to accomplish. I have had to introduce some quick income programs that never lasted but paid handsomely the time they lasted hoping that some people will use them to build quick cash and join Trivita, but most people won’t do so, rather they keep investing more money on scams. 
I know how painful it is to lose money. I have been there before and still do experience it once in a while. My goal is to help you stop losing money and start making money. I have written extensively in my previous updates sharing my strategies with you. Few followed the same strategies and succeeded while others are still running around the internet wasting time and money.
I am passionate about what I talking about. Please drop whatever you are doing and join TRIVITA. This company will change your life. Never in the history of home business could you find a company that is so credible, visionary, focused, authentic, stable, wealthy, people-oriented and full of integrity.
I challenge you! If you can find any other opportunity that equals Trivita, send me your link and I will join under you immediately. But first, you have to prove it!.

What are the major objections people have about some Home Based Businesses?
#1. I hate to recruit and sponsoring!

#2. I don’t want to sell anything!

#3. I don’t have money to start

#4. I don’t think I will make money here

#5. I don’t have any computer knowledge

#6. I am not sure this company will last

#7. The products do not work

#8. This is a pyramid scheme- a PONZI!

#9. I don’t trust the owners!

#10. I don’t have the time.
Now let’s look at the above fears and see how TRIVITA solves all these problems and even more.
#1. Trivita just launched a new model of business building that gives you 4 new Affiliate members for any 2 you can get. This is like building your team free for you. NOTE! You have the opportunity to buy these downlines from the company. Your upline can also buy them for you if you are a hardworker. These are not leads or customers, but downlines on autoship. Why will TRIVITA do this? Because TRIVITA has a 39 year old Media company that does the recruiting for us. Secondly, Trivita wants everyone to succeed. NO EXCUSES! If you can’t find any persons to join your business and experience wellness and wealth, then pull-out your credit card and buy real paying customers and build your business. Just anyone can succeed with Trivita!
#2. TRIVITA does the selling to your customers and downline and markets to them 3 times each month. No other company can do this. With world-class journals and product catalogue, TRIVITA follows-up on all your downlines, and customers. YOU DO NOT SELL ANYTHING!
#3. You need only $39 to join TRIVITA. All you need is to go to

ID#: 13080417
 (Use this ID# above for both your Referral and Placement ID#)
Watch the little video to learn more. Click the link to join afterwards. Just select the Nopalea product..even if it is one bottle. Then finish up! Try the product 3oz in the morning and 3oz in the evening. If after you finish the bottle  you do not experience a remarkable reduction of all types of pain and inflammation/toxicity, just return the bottle to TRIVITA by calling
1 800 TRIVITAand you will get your money back. This is your 60 days money back guarantee with no question asked. If you still doubt this, I am personally going to refund your $39 period. This is my guarantee to you. Try it!

#4. Making money with Trivita has never been easier. Trivita pays weekly. Unlimited width and 7 levels deep(unlimited depth with dynamic compression). You make about 55% on all your 1st level for 3 months and 21% after wards. With just 3 people, you are on your way to profit. As you buy more customers to build your team, you will see your check grow steadily. No one loses money with Trivita and your business is regarded as an asset you can sell if you want to quit. That means once you sign up, you immediately have an asset that grows in value with each member, customer, or affiliates that joins you. My business is valued to hundreds of thousands of dollars now and I have just been 2 years in TRIVITA. Right now the new NOPALEA customers TRIVITA is recruiting for us are regular product buyers and users. This will make huge residual money for you!
#5. This is not an issue. If you can send an e-mail, you are more than qualified to build this business.
#6. WOW! Trivita just celebrated her 11th Anniversary! Debt-free company, family-owned, stable, christian values, integrity of purpose, will go international early next year.Trivita has attracted millionaires…I mean millionaires are joining Trivita quite unlike MLM where big cats swindle poor folks to make millions of them and collapse the company afterwards. I know a guy who researched Trivita and found it credible enough to ‘invest’ a huge 7 figure in customer acquisition. Now he is retired and collects heavy check each month. This is better than the stock market! While the recession was biting people real hard, he was busy buying-up homes around the country.
#7. As a pharmacist, nothing would have made me appear in TRIVITA infomercial to testify that the products work if I think they don’t work. This means jeopardizing my license. The Nopalea product rescued my wife from what would have been irreversible paralysis caused by Epidural given to her during labor. It took 30 min for the excruciating pain to disappear such that doctors were astounded. Moreover, if  you buy the product and it does not work for you, just return the bottle within 60 days to get your money back, no question asked. ( Just e-mail me for documented testimonials of countless lives that have been transformed by Trivita products)
#8. Trivita is not an MLM or Network marketing. This is a unique model called Cooperative Marketing. We cooperate with the Trivita’s Media Company to bring in Affiliate members and customers to build our business. Trivita is the only company that can afford to do this. This means that you can always succeed as quickly as you want to. You do not have to depend on your downlines pushing you up. There is no matrix to fill here. Trivita model has unlimited width. That means you can build as wide as you like and create huge income for yourself  regardless of what those above you or under you are doing. However, you will still profit from those under you, but you do not depend on them to succeed as found in MLM.
#9. Just google Michael Ellison, Ellison Media or TRIVITA and see what happens. You will be amazed at the integrity of this company.
#10. We all have been given the same amount of time each day, what we do with it determines how successful and wealthy we  become or how horrible our lives become. I thought I was wasting time on my computer untill my TRIVITA income replaced my day job income within 8 months. Now I consider the time I spend working on my Trivita as time invested in my future wealth. If you could spend 8 hours on your $12/hour job, why won’t you spend half of this time to build a life-time income and retire within months?
I could go on and on with my thesis, but suffice it to say that you are now presented with an opportunity of a life-time. This is the most credible thing I have ever involved myself with. Take my word for it! I want you to challenge yourself and take this step and see whether your life will not be transformed.
You have nothing to lose, just your day job, which you already hate,(that is if you still have a job)! Or that MLM that you are scared will collapse tomorrow because you have to keep-up with recruiting as your downline keeps collapsing. If you are like millions of Americans whose hopes have been dashed by trusting in their jobs and Ponzi MLMs, you better get smarter and get involved with a recession-proof business called TRIVITA business. Some people in my team from all over North America are coming in and bringing their whole family with them to TRIVITA.
Take this challenge now.
ID#: 13080417
 (Use this ID# above for both your Referral and Placement ID#)

Click on ” Get Started” and proceed. You will spend only $39  to get started. Don’t forget you have 60 days guarantee, if you don’t like this miracle working product, if your pain and inflammation do not abate after you finish the bottle, just return the bottle to Trivita and get your money back. Just go ahead and take the step of faith and watch your life and that of your family transformed. Some companies wants you to spend about $200 on auto-ship for a junk juice that does nothing before you can get paid. No! Trivita wants you to try the product first, if it works for you then you can ask for more each month. This is how a company should treat people who want to do business with them. How can you promote a product you don’t believe in? Trivita products are clinically researched, science-based and works as stated, otherwise you get your money back! Every Trivita Affiliate Member is a user of Trivita products! Outside the wonder-working Nopalea, Trivita has so many other brands of products that deal with different wellness issues. If you want to live long and wealthy to fulfill your life purposes, then TRIVITA is the answer! Take the challenge NOW!!! Click the link above!

About 19 months ago, I saw something extra-ordinary about Trivita that I have never seen in any opportunity. It was this that made me join immediately after speaking with Fred Gondzar in January 2008. I worked hard on this opportunity as a very stable, credible and retirement income opportunity. Though I achieved the rank of 2 Star Director in my 12th Month by the special Grace of God and help from our team members, I have never been this sold -out to a vision like the one Michael Ellison is casting for Trivita 2.0. The next 10 years of Trivita is indeed a new phase of Trivita 2.0 according Marcus Ellison.

Most people who attended the just concluded Galaxy Of Stars will agree with me that we are currently involved in a company with a vision and mission that will change the world. This is no joke! I have been involved in crusades and conferences and have seen people healed and delivered, but the way people responded in tears when those two ladies whose lives where transformed by this wonder -working product called Nopalea shared their testimonies, left a lasting impression on my heart.

It may shock you to learn that a lady who attended the conference was willing to spend millions of dollars to get this product to the world. Those of you who attended probably heard Michael Ellison constantly saying that Money Capital is now looking for Human Capital with passion and ideas to invest in. In order words, Trivita is prepared to invest in you and help you succeed if you can come up with passion and vision to help people experience wellness and create wealth to fulfill their life purposes. There is absolutely no reason why you won’t succeed in this business and make so much money that you never imagined before. The tools are there. The support is superior and I am here to assist you.

Don’t forget to call me if you need any assistance or support.

Remain blessed.

Dr. Goddie Ude

3 Star Director
1 888 340 8834



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                                                            LISTEN TO THIS AWESOME VOICES

This group was set up to assist you recover from losses and regain confidence in making money from the internet. I spent several years toiling online and trying every program you can think of. I invested heavily in autosurfs, HYIPs, cyclers,MLM, affiliate programs, adsense,matrix/network marketing and finally loan programs and lost so much that I don’t like talking about them.

Later an online friend of mine introduced me to the secrets of making steady passive income from the internet without the struggles of recruiting, sponsoring, stocking products, organizing seminars, attending endless webinars/conference calls, trying to figure out how to advertise, making cold calls and all the frustrations that are drowning newbies who are joining the growing lists of “the scammed”. The truth is simply stated this way, ” Without a coach you will never be a successful sportsman”. This applies to online income adventures; without a guide/mentor, you will keep losing your money and getting scammed.

Discovering this website is the first step towards your financial freedom and liberation from losing money towards making more money than you can imagine without all the troubles and disappointments you have gone through before.

Below you will find the services we will provide you free without any obligations whatsoever. Be informed that we merely provide information that will enable you make informed decision. We neither own no operate any of the programs we recommend here.




1.     To help you create and build a steadily growing income on the internet”!

2.   Benefit from Our Ongoing Research and Due Diligence.

3.   Full- Time Support with toll free number, skype or e-mail

4.   We Are Partners In Your Wealth Building Project. We assist you personally until you succeed in any program you join with us

5.    Receive regular Updates and New Program Alerts. Be the first to know about any hot opportunity out there.

6.  Above all, we are guided by integrity of heart and purity of conscience.

7.  Most importantly, what we are doing is a fulfillment of a promise I made to God, that if He will get me out of debt as a result of online scams , I will help as many people as possible to experience the same freedom. I spend more than 14 hours daily answering phone calls and replying hundreds of e-mails from members of this group. I have also signed up and paid for a toll free number for those who can’t call out free from USA/Canada- 1 888 340 8834. Skype: rockibase

8.  The truth is that I am here to help you build wealth not just make money; so you can fulfill your destiny and do those things that you have passion for, which your 9-5 job is not allowing you.

9.  I am not rich or wealthy yet, but I am out of debt due to the programs we recommend to  Integrity Wealth Builders Group which you now have access to. Real wealth takes time to build, and that is what I want for you. Though we have discovered and recommended someQuick Income Programs (QIP)that will start making you money within 24 hours of joining. But our focus is on Retirement Income Program(RIP) and Life-Time Income program (LIP).

              My advice is: “build real wealth and stop chasing fly-by-the-night programs”.




One of the strengths of this group is that we don’t just recommend any program because it is popular or has some great payment structure, we consider some other intrinsic factors.  We have been around  long enough to understand what a reputable program looks like.


Our ongoing due diligence and research on all the programs we recommend set this group apart from any other group you can find on the internet. No other group can boast of 100% success rate of all our recommendations. This is achieved because we take our responsibility very seriously since our own funds are involved in all our programs.  Though no business will operate forever, but we have worked to present you with the best programs you can find on the internet.

For your information, we know that majority of the people trying to make money online like myself hate recruiting, sponsoring and making cold calls. Therefore, we have isolated and published here only passive income programs where you allow your money to make more money for you rather than trying to get the whole world sign up under you just to make enough money to pay your monthly subscription to those programs. In order words, if you are ready to make real money online with no option to fail, then you are at the right place.

 If we are all making money at the moment, you too will surely start making money. Just follow the steps and join the programs and watch your income soar.

Once again I welcome you to Integrity Wealth Builder Group



1 888 340 8834


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